Sunday, June 1, 2014

Currently June and where have I been?

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Where have I been??? Let's just say I had a very busy last semester of school and I thought a social media break was a good thing!
  • Listening: I bought my husband Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U for his birthday and since I stink at video games, I'd rather watch than play! 
  • Loving: This summer break is truly a summer break for me! The last two summer breaks I partnered up with the local university and did summer trainings so this is a nice change for me.
  • Thinking: If you read below, you will find out I'm in for some big changes next school year.
  • Wanting: I had my first foot massage recently and it was pure heaven! I could have stayed there all day!
  • Needing: Yes, I do live in the southwest desert but it's WAY TOO HOT! I will become nocturnal the next few months. 
  • My summer bucket list: 
    1. I really want to eat cleaner (less process foods which probably means I need to cook more)
    2. I will be going to Carlsbad for a week and I want to walk on the beach at sunset each day we are there. 
    3. My Dad's health isn't all that great and my sister will be visiting for a month with her kids so I just really want to enjoy the time with my family all together this summer.
After 8 years at the same school, I decided it was time to leave. It was a difficult decision because I have worked with some really great people and the students are fantastic but I was driving 38 miles a day and after 8 years the drive was really starting to get to me. Also, my daughter is in a different school district and this past year our breaks were different which made things challenging. I have also been out of classroom the last two years and I realized towards the end of this year that the work I've been doing lately just wasn't why I went into teaching to begin with. 

I'm happy to say, that I will be back in the classroom next school year. I will be teaching fourth grade. I will be working at the same school district as my daughter and I'm much closer to home. The school I will be working at is very close to the high school that my daughter will be attending so it really was a logical choice. 

Saying "Good-bye" to my co-workers on my last day was really tough! They really are the people I spent most of my time with 9 months out of the year but I know I made the right decision. Although there were many times I second guessed myself. 

Here are some pictures of my new classroom. I will probably paint at least one wall (Yippee!)

The school I'm at is considered a "Green School". It's very industrial looking. Did you notice I don't have ANY counters?? 

I am excited to share my journey back into the classroom. I really feel like I'm starting over since I got rid of most of my things. I will be recreating and creating a lot this summer.

Thanks, if you are still reading. This ended up being much longer than I anticipated.