Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Currently

Hi All! I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade! 

I don't like to cook or bake but I often pin recipes of items "I would make if I enjoyed baking" so here it is: 

I wish someone would make those for me - LOL! 

It's a typical Saturday in my household today: cleaning, doing laundry, taking care of all the household chores I can't do during the work week. 

I got summoned for jury duty at the end of the month. I honestly thought I was exempt from jury duty for the rest of my life because I haven't been "summoned" for a LONG TIME! Yes, there is a story..... The last time I had jury duty, I got picked to sit on a jury. The trial was suppose to be short (two days they said but it turned into five). Well, on the third day of the trial I got VERY sick. Throwing up kind of sick. I was looking really green, in fact all the other jurors mentioned how bad I looked. So while we were waiting to be called into the court I thought it might be a good idea to mention to the bailiff that I wasn't feeling so hot and maybe I should go home. 

After I spoke to the bailiff, I was asked to escort him to the judge's chambers - YIKES! I went into the judge's chamber and the two lawyers, the judge, the bailiff, and a court stenographer were all waiting for me. Long story short, I was told if I left they would have to call a mistrial since there was no substitute juror (remember, it was suppose to be only two days). They all agreed that it would be best if I stayed and they would provide me with a garbage can (thanks!) and if I started feeling really bad I had to raise my hand and they would call a recess. I survived the five day trial and honestly have never received a jury notice since. My family has joked with me all these years that I have a flag next to my name. So I was quite surprised to receive that in the mail yesterday. 

My jury duty is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I'm thinking if I happen to get picked, that could really interfere with my Black Friday shopping!?! Oh well!

So, I gave up making coffee about three weeks ago! It was just taking too much time in the morning to make my "special" coffee. I also found that on most days I never even finished drinking my one cup of coffee because I was too busy at work. There have been days, usually on Friday's where I long for some coffee but overall I've been doing well without it. 

I go to the gym three days a week and mainly focus on weights. My husband is the main gym member so I can't go unless I'm with him. As a family we have been consistently working out for three years. My goal is to add more cardio. I had to stop all cardio for a period of 7 months because of a foot injury and I still haven't lost the weight I gained from that. I really need to get moving more. 

Enjoy your Saturday!