Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where did September go???

It seems each month is busier than the previous month. There's no slowing down in sight. I've been so incredibly busy at work lately. A lot of my home life has been neglected the past 4 weeks. I decided there is only so much I can do in a day and when it's time to go home, IT'S TIME TO PACK UP AND GO! The worst part is, I'm so exhausted when I get home I have no patience with the people that mean the most to me!

 I went out for Dim Sum today and here's my fortune from my fortune cookie - you know I only keep the good fortunes!
It's a keeper!

I was introduced to this Ipad app Thinking Blocks recently, which is also available online.

 It reinforces building models to go with word problems along with labeling items correctly. I find from working with students that a lot of the time they aren't even reading the problem at all. 

I'm hoping that now that October is around the corner some cooler weather will soon follow! 


Alison Hislop said...

I can't believe where September has gone either! Too fast, too fast!

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Alison Hislop said...
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