Monday, September 2, 2013

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Happy Labor Day! I'm joining Farley's linky this morning from Oh' boy 4th Grade!

My teenage daughter has been watching BBC Dr. Who since Friday night on Netflix. It's been a Dr. Who marathon all weekend! I just love those British accents!

Last night was the first night I slept 8+ hours straight in I don't know how long. It felt good! So far this school year has been one crazy school year! I feel like the minute my feet hit the school parking lot grounds, I'm off and running and I don't stop until I force myself to go home. The past four days have been the first four days since school started that I've been healthy! It started off as a cold and turned into a middle ear infection. I've never had a middle ear infection EVER! I never took any time off from work during the whole illness and I've been one tired puppy!

So the first long weekend with no plans other than some R & R and I get home from work Friday and the air conditioner in my house is BROKEN!!! I live in Sunny Arizona, remember?? It's HOT here! Thankfully a family member has a portable air conditioner not being used and my parents live near by. I've been hanging out at my parents house until night time and all of us are sleeping in the living room with the portable air conditioner. It should be fixed tomorrow!

My love yourself spot is self explanatory. I really need to work on the sleep one!

Wishing everyone a restful day off!


Lindsay Oles said...

It looks like a lot of us are wanting to get back into an exercise routine and to not bring school work home. I can never decide whether or not to leave school on time and work at home, or go pick up my daughter and do the work at home. I go in early, about an hour and a half early, every day...but sometimes that isn't enough!

If You Give a Teacher a Treat

Anchored In 3rd Grade said...

OMG. NO AIR?!?!?!
I always bring work home. I can't and won't work on anything when students are in the classroom... BUT I go home almost as soon as school ends to get home to my own children...I grade and stuff at about 8:30... I'll never be able to leave it at work...which is fine since I leave to get home to my own kids.
Enjoy your day!

George Ellsworth said...

A broken AC in Sunny Arizona is a nightmare! What happened to your air conditioner, by the way? Is it already fixed or did you just buy a new one? I suggest that if your AC has been fixed a couple of times, then you might as well consider on purchasing and investing on a new one.

-George Ellsworth @ CustomCoolingAndHeatingInc