Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week two done!

The first few weeks of a new school year is tough!!! It takes me about a month to get back in the swing of things again. Since I had to give two evening parent orientations for the new laptops, I had two 6:30am-7:15pm work days last week! Did I mention, I made 993 username/password cards for laptops and cards for the two online curriculum programs at my school as well as labeling all the laptops, chargers, and laptop bags. I'M TIRED!!

I have to say I have the best colleagues on the planet. They keep me smiling on the toughest days. They are also some of the best teachers I know!

I was super spoiled this week.....

As you know, I love my Starbucks drinks and two of my colleagues surprised me this week with two of my favorite drinks!

It's hard to believe next week will be the third week of school for me! I'm not planning on doing much today other than spending time with family and relaxing!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week one

I survived the first week back to school! It feels like I never left. I'm the Instructional Technology Coach at my school. We give all the fourth and fifth grade students laptops. I spent all this week preparing the laptops. The students basically check them out like a library book. All the fifth graders received their laptops by the third day of school and next week is fourth grade. I got very little sleep all week! Since I was working late all week I got to see this (see below)

A sleepy pelican!

The pelican flew to the playground late in the afternoon after all the students were gone and took a nap under the ramada! Pelicans are not native to Southern Arizona. One of the other teachers called the Wildlife Foundation and they picked up the pelican. During the summer the pelicans migrate from Mexico to the coast of California and because of the strong winds from the monsoons they sometimes get off track. The pelicans that get off track in their flight end up dehydrated and the Wildlife Foundation nurse them back to health and then take them to San Diego to release them. 

It was nice to see all the students again. It's amazing how much they grow during the summer!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It!

I'm linking up with Tara from 4th Grade frolics. Here's my Monday Made It. I stayed late after school to get this done. If I do this again, it would benefit me greatly to have a yardstick or a ruler!?!

I've been wanting to make a giant calendar for quite some time now. I used painter's tape and chalkboard markers. I'm loving those chalkboard markers. I just need to find them in more colors!!

I just need to add the month above it and I will be done! I'd love to use Washi tape but I had to see if I could do a decent job making it out of something less expensive first!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently August

Another school year. It's amazing how fast two months can go by. I'm linking up with Farley from Oh'Boy4thGrade. I just love her monthly linky!

I apologize in advance for typos and misspellings! I'm so sleep deprived right now. School officially started for me on Monday. I've been so BUSY and so STRESSED. I just have too much to do and not enough time. My sleep has taken the back seat in order to complete all I need to do. 

So, it's rather late right now and I should be sleeping but what happens when you are stressed?? Insomnia! (don't worry, the kids haven't started yet).That's the worst thing! I think most of my items are self explanatory but I will write about my must haves:

1. New colorful pens!! I LOVE pens. In fact I love all types of stationary products. "Hi my name is Cindy, I'm addicted to stationary products". I was in Vegas over the summer and found a little shop in the China Town district that had 3 huge tables of journals and notebooks. It was pure paper heaven! My husband just could not understand why I had to touch and look at every notebook/journal. Well, lets just say I have many fun cute notebooks to last me quite a while. What goes best with notebooks/journals - PENS! I'm quite picky about my pens too. They must be extra fine tip and that is hard to find in fun colors. 

Look at all those notebooks!

2. Lunch tote: I totally blame the fact that I must get a new lunch tote on my parents. When I was young it was a tradition they would buy me a new lunchbox every school year. Back when I was a kid..... Well, let's just say they don't make them like that anymore :(  I haven't found a new lunch tote this year. It's really making me feel odd this year. I got this idea after watching a news report on how unsanitary most lunch totes are that maybe I should go old school this year and put my stuff in a brown paper bag. Well, it's not working out so well.

3. Fast quick breakfast items. My drive to school is about 20 miles. Which means I leave my house early because I like to get to work early too. I'm one of those people that gets stuck in food ruts. I have the same thing every day for breakfast, I tend to order the same food item and never switch it up. When it comes to breakfast and work days, it needs to be fast and easy and quiet. I don't want to wake up my entire household since they are all happily sleeping when I get up. Over the summer I started making egg whites on toast. So all this week I've been making it the night before and just popping it in the toaster oven while I get ready. I can tell this type of breakfast isn't going to last much longer! 

Well I'm off to try and get some ZZZZZZZ!