Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Currently

Every month seems to be going faster than the month before! I'm linking up with Farley from Oh'BoyFourthGrade.

I am not an American Idol fan however, I've been watching it for the past three seasons. This season I'm not really loving it but since I already watched most of it, I might as well see it to the end, right?

I was the test coordinator for my school's state test this year. Talk about stressful! In the middle of the testing, my mom had an unexpected triple bypass (Super stressful). I think I was being tested on how much stress I could take without going over the edge! Thankfully everything went well and she's home recovering. I'm also very fortunate that I only live 10 minutes from her house. It's been cute watching my dad turn into a nurse overnight!

I blogged about my foot in the past. I injured it 14 months ago and it's improved but it still bothers me on almost a daily basis. I finally went back to my podiatrist last week and he still believes it's a torn peroneal tendon. I'm just waiting for my insurance to approve the MRI. In short, he told me the conservative approach is to cast it for four weeks! I was told way back when I saw him almost 10 months ago to come back if it didn't improve and well, I just never made the follow up appointment. Did I mention it's in the mid-90's here?? I can only imagine how bad that cast will stink in four weeks! And how am I going to drive to work since it's my right foot? Ugh! Also, we are planning a family trip to Disneyland with my whole family and it sure would be nice to be able to walk while I'm there. My summer vacation starts in 23 days!!


Sailing into Second said...

23 days and counting!! :) Glad to have found your blog through the link up!! Your pb & j icon is suuuuper cute!!!!


Sailing into Second

Magic Mistakes and Mayhem said...

I just found your blog through the linky and am your latest follower :) I love the blog title! Your foot sounds sore! I hope it is ok for Disneyland! I can't believe you have 23 days left- I have 150! Haha I'm in New Zealand, so we're starting our second term on Monday!

x Serena x
Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

KinderKapers said...

I will gladly trade you my cold for your heat. I am sitting in my sunny window right now trying to soak up sunshine.

As for Disneyworl...look on the bright side. Wheelchairs and all who are with them get to the front of the line passes!

Terri Izatt

Becky said...

I am sorry to hear about your foot and about your mom's surgery. I am sure that it's been hard dealing with all of that. I hope you can get some R&R soon and that wearing the cast won't be to much of a pain.

I found you through the currently and love your blog title. It's so cute! I am looking forward to reading more posts!

Compassionate Teacher

Jessica Lawler said...

Wow - I am thrilled to hear your mom is recovery nicely. I'll pray that she continues to do so.

You sure do sound like you deserve some R&R - enjoy it when it comes!

I found you through the linky - and am SO glad that I did! I love your blog title - too cute :)

Let's be blogging friends :)

Joy in the Journey