Thursday, May 23, 2013

The end of another school year....

I had the privilege to watch the last of my kinder classes I taught get promoted to sixth grade today! That kinder class was probably one of my favorite groups because it was such a small class! I only had 18 students that year and it was such a fun year!

One of my former students came by to give me some flowers today. She wrote me a sweet note too.

This is the true reward to teaching. Watching your former students continue to succeed and knowing you had a part in their educational journey!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Keep moving forward

This week my principal announced he was leaving. It was a sad day for all the staff at my school! I'm not sure if I have ever blogged about how I got into teaching. Teaching is a second career for me. I have a Fine Arts degree and I worked in marketing prior to teaching. When I had my daughter, I decided to stay home full time. During this time, my husband told me this was my opportunity to go back to school part time. I decided to go back for a teaching certification.

After 5 years of going to school part time, I was ready to do my student teaching. My adviser called me up one day and mentioned I was the perfect candidate for a "new" teacher preparation program that the school wanted to pilot. I went to several job interviews and ended up at the school I am currently at.

I thought my principal was crazy for taking a chance on a person that was going to skip the student teaching phase. I'm not going to lie, it was probably the worst year of my life. I was juggling family life, still taking classes and teaching full time in a class full of 26 kindergartners!

I remember going into my principal's office two weeks after school started and just crying hysterically - I don't consider myself an outwardly emotional person however I have noticed in the last 5 years I cry when I watch any Disney movie...

I'm fairly positive I told him "I wasn't cut out to be a teacher and I made a huge mistake!" He just patiently listened to me and told me he never would have hired me if he knew I couldn't do it. Well, with a lot of coaching, perseverance, and a lot of pep talks by my principal I survived my first year. It was a tough first year but it really molded me into the teacher I am today. I learned so much that year that I don't think I would have learned otherwise had I done the traditional student teaching route.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities my principal has given me over the last 7 years. This year I had the chance to work with him in a leadership role. This was another year of learning, challenges and struggling but I was fortunate to have such wonderful support. Change is never easy and I know there will be a lot of change in the upcoming school year, not only with leadership at my school but also transitioning to the Common Core. Keep riding that bicycle and keep moving.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Currently

Every month seems to be going faster than the month before! I'm linking up with Farley from Oh'BoyFourthGrade.

I am not an American Idol fan however, I've been watching it for the past three seasons. This season I'm not really loving it but since I already watched most of it, I might as well see it to the end, right?

I was the test coordinator for my school's state test this year. Talk about stressful! In the middle of the testing, my mom had an unexpected triple bypass (Super stressful). I think I was being tested on how much stress I could take without going over the edge! Thankfully everything went well and she's home recovering. I'm also very fortunate that I only live 10 minutes from her house. It's been cute watching my dad turn into a nurse overnight!

I blogged about my foot in the past. I injured it 14 months ago and it's improved but it still bothers me on almost a daily basis. I finally went back to my podiatrist last week and he still believes it's a torn peroneal tendon. I'm just waiting for my insurance to approve the MRI. In short, he told me the conservative approach is to cast it for four weeks! I was told way back when I saw him almost 10 months ago to come back if it didn't improve and well, I just never made the follow up appointment. Did I mention it's in the mid-90's here?? I can only imagine how bad that cast will stink in four weeks! And how am I going to drive to work since it's my right foot? Ugh! Also, we are planning a family trip to Disneyland with my whole family and it sure would be nice to be able to walk while I'm there. My summer vacation starts in 23 days!!