Saturday, February 9, 2013

Could this be the last round of meds?

I normally only see my doctor once a year. I've gone in so many times during the past six weeks! I still have a cough at night and a lot of chest pain. My doctor believes my coughing fits is causing my lungs to be inflamed and I'm caught in this endless cycle where I can not feel better. I can deal with the coughing, it's just the constant chest pain which is wearing me down. I truly sympathize with people that live with pain. It is hard!

I got another round of drugs. A heavy duty cough syrup, which will hopefully let me sleep through the night and prednisone. I'm not too crazy about the prednisone. I feel like I need to avoid everyone right now since I will be susceptible to illnesses being on this drug, which really doesn't make it possible in a school setting. 

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