Thursday, September 20, 2012

Watching a little piece of history

I had the chance to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavour fly across the sky today piggyback on top of a giant plane.
Photo by D. Lupo 9/20/2012

My friend took a great picture of this event. My picture didn't turn out quite so great from my phone!?! All the kids were on the playground anxiously awaiting the fly by. It was so cute to watch the students run across the field following the direction of the plane.

It was ones of those days I wished I was still in the classroom so I could give a lesson on this historical site we witnessed :(

Although I didn't get to give a lesson on the Space Shuttle Endeavour, I did get to work with the students today on what to expect next week with our Benchmark testing online! Yes, we are doing our testing online this year with fourth and fifth. All the years I spent in third, I taught test strategy skills but only with paper and pencil. underlining, crossing out obvious wrong answers to eliminate, highlighting,  go back and check your work, show all your work, etc. So I'm curious how this online testing will work. Anyone else testing online?

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