Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let me count the ways...

As you know, I am a former Starbucks junkie. I don't go quite as much as I use to. I'm no longer a "regular" anymore (when the employees know your name and your drink when you step in the door, you know you go there too often - just saying!?!)

I've been amused lately by the names they have been writing on my cup. A couple weeks ago my name looked like this. I actually didn't give them my name, they just decided my name was "Silvy".

2 weeks ago

Last night my name looked like this. 

Well, at least they got my first name correct this time. They only other way I've seen "Cindy" spelled is "Cindi". I think next time I go to Starbuck's I'll tell them my name is "Cynthia", just to see how creative they can get with spelling that name.

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