Thursday, August 9, 2012

You know it's hot outside when....

I've been super busy organizing giving out over 200 laptops to the fourth and fifth grade students at my school. I have to add that the air conditioning does not work in my room and the temps outside are 100-105 degrees. I have to say, my pores are looking nice lately but I'm tired of going home looking as if I worked out for 8 hours in work clothes.

On a positive note, my foot has been feeling great for all the walking and standing I've been doing the past few weeks. I still have to wear my ankle brace but I hope to go without it in about a month.

Well, the mice problem in my room has been resolved. The mousetrap caught a very chunky mouse. I haven't seen any new droppings since it was caught. 

I'm SO looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. 

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