Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gluten-free and O' my buns!

I recently read parts of Wheat Belly by William Davis and I am on a journey of eating gluten-free. Since everything in my house contains some type of wheat, I decided this eating lifestyle is going to be a gradual change.

For about 5 years I have been having some stomach problems to the point where eating out is just not worth it. I did get tested for celiac disease and it was negative. Wheat has never caused me problems but I do believe people that eat gluten-free eat a lot healthier and really that is my goal.

At my local mall there is a new place called "O' My Buns Cafe". They serve coffee and these light fluffy sweet buns that are very similar in texture to my favorite Chinese pastry.

Since I know I will be shortly giving up wheat I decided I ought to at least help out this new place in the mall before they are out of business and buy one of the buns today (the location this place picked in the mall is horrible, it's been open for almost two months and I just discovered it).  Wow, I was in gluten heaven and I had a full wheat belly after eating that!

I know this gluten-free lifestyle is going to be challenging at times especially since I am known in the teachers lounge for bringing PB&J sandwiches EVERY day but I think it will be beneficial in the end. If you eat gluten-free, what are some quick and easy lunch ideas for work?

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