Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CAPTCHA Incompetent

Total randomness today!

While I was checking out another blog amwalk21, I realized I'm not the only CAPTCHA incompetent person out there.

I have never been able to discern what those crazy letters are! I usually have to do it 3-4 times before I get one right! Can anyone do it on the first try? 

Update on my foot (I know, I've been blogging about it for SO long). I've been doing my strength exercises each day and it does feel a little bit stronger. I have started working out on the stationary bike. I have good and bad days. Today was a good day! Two days ago was a bad day :(  When I ride the stationary bike I have to concentrate the whole time on not moving my right foot AT ALL because if I do - it is VERY painful! That's what happened two days ago. I had so much pain, I had to just get off and go home. I truly think God is trying to teach me patience. Because of this injury, I have really learned to slow down (literally) and enjoy the things around me that I normally would overlook. 

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