Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three more days!

Only 3 more days left of school with the kiddos. This year has sure gone by fast! I'm kind of sad to see the year end but excited for the new opportunities next year will bring. The school I work at is one to one (each student has their own laptop) in fifth grade. Next year all the fourth grade students will be one to one as well. I applied for the Instructional Technology Coach position and I just found out I got the job.

By the way, my foot is not healing so starting late next week I'll be wearing one of these for a few weeks :(

Since I will be in a new position at my school next year, I have to move rooms AGAIN! You're probably wondering why I emphasize AGAIN??? Well, since I've been at my school (6 years), this will be my fifth time moving rooms at my school. In fact last year I moved twice but that's another story... So, I've been throwing away things I don't want to move cleaning my room. I am determined to only keep the stuff I absolutely can't live without. So here's my question, what items would you absolutely not get rid of besides resource books if you knew you were no longer going to be teaching in a classroom?