Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update on my foot & looping

I finally broke down and went to the doctor for my foot/ankle injury (3 weeks later). It turns out I have a micro-tear in my Peroneus Longus Tendon. It is the tendon that stretches from your calf all the way around your heal to the toes. I just have to let it heal. I officially have a doctor's excuse for not doing any cardio. I've been working out consistently for 9 months doing weights and cardio 4 times a week. It's been really hard going to the gym and not being able to do my normal workout routine. All I've been able to do for 3 weeks is upper body weights but at least I'm still going :)

I currently have a student teacher right now. I was trying to figure out what to get her as part of her gift and after reading about teacher bags on Clutter-Free Classroom, I decided to get her the Thirty-One Utility Bag.
She doesn't care for much flare so I had to pick a design that wasn't too much. Did I ever mention how much I love bags & purses? I might have to get one too! I can see why people like to use this particular bag.

State testing starts on Monday. I'm already looking forward to it being over! Did I mention that I'll be going down to second grade next year? My principal wants the entire third grade team to go down to second and loop back up to third grade the following year. If you have ever done a loop before - did you like it? why or why not?

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