Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring time and the pollen!

I'm really enjoying my R&R time this week. I dropped my daughter off at school, cleaned out the closets (the only time I do this is during my school vacations and summer break), and made another binder cover.
My niece's birthday is coming up. She is also a teacher. I just need to find the right colored binder for it.

I checked the pollen count for my area and pollen is HIGH. I must be allergic to one of these trees: Mulberry, Ash and Poplar/Aspen/Cottonwood. Whenever I leave my house, I start sneezing. I know I'm super allergic to olive tree pollen, which will be blooming soon too. The two things I'm most allergic to are olive tree pollen and cats. So if you have a cat and live next to any olive trees I will never come visit you!

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