Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kohl’s Lowe’s what’s the difference and a little story about "Plantphobia"

After we ate dinner tonight by husband says to me “Cindy, you want to go to Kohl’s?” and I was thinking why does he want to go there? but “Yes, I’ll go with you.” We are all in the car (husband, daughter, me) and I notice that my husband doesn’t make the left turn to the correct street to get to Kohl’s so I say “You know, you just missed the street” and he says “No, I’m going the right way” and I say “No, Kohl’s is on that street.” He turns to me and says “Oh, did I say Kohl’s? I meant to say Lowe’s.” I was a wee bit irritated because if I had known he was going to go to Lowe's I would have said “Have fun, I’m staying home.” It’s not that I don’t like Lowe’s because I do; I just wasn’t in the mood to go there tonight. Okay, yes both the stores do rhyme Kohl’s/Lowe’s but I’m wondering did he really not realize he said Kohl’s instead of Lowe’s or did he just want company and knew I wouldn’t go if he told me he was really going to Lowe’s?

It’s time to tell a little “Kaylee” (my daughter) story.  When Kaylee was three years old we were visiting a friend’s house and she had to use the bathroom. The bathroom had this large purple plant, see picture (it looked like this but much fuller). No big deal, right? Well, as Kaylee was washing her hands the air conditioner went on and the plant was facing the vent. All of a sudden the plant started waving back and forth like crazy. She started screaming and crying that the plant was attacking her. We got out of the bathroom and the rest of the time we were at our friend’s house she wouldn’t go near the bathroom. Ever since that faithful day, Kaylee has been afraid of plants. We call this “Plantphobia”.  Fast forward to 2012, Kaylee is now 12 years old. We are at Lowe’s tonight (not by choice) and the entrance (outside and inside) is surrounded by plants. She turns to me and says “Um, I don’t think I want to go inside”. I say “Why not?” and she points and says “Look at all the plants”. This Plantphobia has plagued us for nine years now. She won’t go to Michael’s even though she knows the plants are plastic/silk, she won’t go in any public or private bathroom if there is a plant or flower in it, and forget going to a plant nursery. We’ve had several talks over the years as to what exactly she is afraid of but it still hasn’t changed how she feels. Do you think this “Plantphobia” will last much longer? 

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