Friday, March 16, 2012

Grading day and Black Friday Paper Day - Oh My!

Today marks the end of the third quarter for my district. What I thought would be a relaxing morning quickly turned into a Black Friday mob scene in the storage closet on the side of my wing. Every grading day we are given a box of copy paper to hopefully last us until next quarter. The secretary of the school was kind enough to deliver my box to me this morning. At about 9:30am she announces on the intercom "If you want colored copy paper, please help yourself in the storage closet". I shot out of my seat and walked (very quickly) to the location. Teachers came from every direction. Soon the whole storage closet was full of people grabbing and breaking open boxes taking as much reams of paper they could hold. It was like a Black Friday Walmart scene. Not only could we take as much colored reams of paper we wanted there was also tag board, chart paper, and binders. I bravely left the frenzy to help my pregnant colleague carry her paper back to her room. By doing so, I missed getting the lined 24x36 chart paper. I have to admit I am not proud of my actions today but I now have a collection of assorted colors of copy paper to last me a few years.

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