Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finally at Gold Level and a freebie!

I’m ashamed to admit that this makes me giddy! I have been paying an extra sixty cents every time I purchase coffee for YEARS! I did quit drinking coffee for about 2 years but lately it’s my once a week guilty pleasure. In fact, I was such a regular at my local Starbucks that I was like Norm from Cheers. When I walked in the door they would say “Good Morning Cindy, the usual?” Anyhow, I was out of the loop for quite some time about the rewards program. Some nice Starbucks employee was kind enough to inform of their rewards program last year. I had no idea it existed since I stopped drinking coffee and eliminated Starbucks from my daily route to work. It was like I was living in a cave for a few years. I actually only crave coffee in the winter months, which is not too many months of the year in Arizona. Anyhow, I finally made gold status this week, just in time because the cold weather is just about out of here in my neck of the woods.

On another note - don’t you just hate when you make an error on your homework? One of my parents was kind enough to point that out to me this morning. I spend about 4 hours a week creating standard based math homework every week. I also create daily math review each week too. I do appreciate the fact that they were helping their child with the homework and they came across my error. I also appreciate they let me know so I could fix it. This was one of those “I don’t have any time to proof my work because I’m too busy doing all this other stuff for school” moments. I was super busy putting together a presentation of all my data from recent benchmark tests for my principal last week that I didn’t take the time to proof my work with a fine-tooth comb. It just goes to show how busy we are as teachers. Okay, here’s a freebie Daily Math Review. Don’t be too hard on me if there’s an error!

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