Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poetry Centers

I have a good friend that is my "go to" person for reading ideas. We were hired at the same time and worked together in kindergarten for a few years. We haven't been on the same grade level team for 4 years now but she's just on the other side of the classroom wall from me :) With the help of my friend, I have made some new poetry centers for my reading class.

For day one where I have the arrows, you can insert what you want the students to do. For example: underline the nouns and circle the verbs.

 Poetry Center Day 2 is a syllable hunt. Fold a paper into thirds and label

 Poetry Center Day 3  Make your own question that is appropriate for the poem you are using.

Off to finish my grading!


Simply First Grade Fun said...

I love poetry and would love to see your activities, however, they are not open for view. Permission needs to be given to allow viewing. Thanks for sharing your ideas~ Pat

Cindy said...

Sorry about that! It's fixed now - thanks!