Sunday, August 28, 2011

Science Fair

Each year my school has a science fair. In previous years grade levels  K-3rd were allowed to turn in one class project but in the last few years my principal decided that 3rd grade needed to do 5-6 different  experiments within the class. It’s a tough task to do 5-6 different science experiments and make a science board for each one. Don’t get me wrong I love science but 6 different science boards with just the teacher helping all the kids is not easy. In the end, it’s the teacher that does most of the work. This year the science fair is in October. I decided I would do six different experiments (whole group) but each student is responsible for implementing the scientific method for each experiment.

I made this 8.5 x 14” brochure to go along with each experiment.  I’m not quite sure how it will work out but I’ll give it a try this year. Does anyone have magnets, eyedroppers, and little thermometers I could borrow??? These are all the items I need for my experiments that my school doesn’t have and neither do I. 

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