Friday, August 19, 2011

Checking in!

I've been away from the blogging world for about 2 weeks now! The students at my school started on August 9th. I have a big group this year. 17 boys and 10 girls! This is my first year ever with more boys than girls. I have a very active and talkative group this year. My class is still practicing procedures daily. I have seen a lot of improvement but they still need more practice! I'm a very structured teacher and I don't think a lot of the kids I have this year are use to that.

The biggest waste of money I spent this school year was the pencil pouches. I bought 30 of them and so far half of them have broken. Some of them broke within the first day. So now I have to buy pencil boxes. Lesson learned - learn to tolerate all the clicking noises from the pencil boxes opening and shutting and just buy the pencil boxes from now on! By the way, I succeeded in not buying a single item from the Target dollar bins this school year :)

My daughter started middle school this year and I was looking through her class folders and found "rules for the classroom" from her Film class. Two of the twelve rules from her class made me laugh out loud.

1. No throwing of objects during the movie or any other time.
2. No writing on the tables or chairs during the movie or any other time.

I guess teaching middle school is a whole new frontier that I'm not use to. You would think those two things would be something the kids would already know not to do in classroom but I guess not?!?!

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