Thursday, July 28, 2011

Randomness and a Freebie!

I decided this year I will not be my usual obsessive personality when it comes to little things like folders all the same color. In fact, I bought a class set of pencil bags (30 all together) and I didn’t freak out because I couldn’t find all red ones. I just went with the flow and bought 3 different colors. I’m proud of that accomplishment! The old me would have gone to 3 different stores to find all the same color. Of course the reason I bought pencil bags instead of pencil boxes this year is because the clicking of the pencil boxes drive me crazy (so I’m still a little crazy in my own way).

I went into my classroom today to do some revamping. As I was going through my own personal “Target dollar bins” (remember how I mentioned I was banning Target dollar bins because I have tons of stuff I bought that I have never used) I came across a class set of red pens – Yippee!  

So, I realize I'm a little obsessed with my behavior management plan in my classroom. I decided to make these small rule cards to give out to students when they forget about the rules. I figure I can just hand it out as a "reminder" when my little friends need a refresher on the class rules.

 Click here if you would like your own copy of these rule cards I made. These rules are from Whole Brain Teaching

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