Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last Week of Summer Vacation

This is my last week of summer vacation. It sure went by fast. I just got back from San Diego. I love the weather in San Diego especially in the summer time. It's so nice to feel comfortable (temperature wise) all day long.

I have been very busy since I got back trying to prepare for this coming school year. Below is a picture of what I've been working on for the past few days. I've been making signs like crazy!

I made a new sign for my window, subject signs for my objective board, new pencil passes, bathroom and water sign language signs, and a noise level sign. The noise level sign was created from a picture I saw at

One thing that has worked really well for me in the classroom is using sign language for "water" and "bathroom". I love that it's all non verbal. The students raise their hand showing me in sign language and I just nod my head "yes" or shake my head "no". I love that I can do that across the room without being interrupted while I'm working with other students.


Robin Hood said...

HI Cindy. Thanks for sharing this. Oh thus water can be represented....

Ms. P said...

Hello! How does the pencil pass work? Great ideas here, thank you!

Heather's Heart said...

What a great idea!

You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Heather's Heart