Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm just saying "No" this year!

This year, I'm just saying "no" to the dollar bins. You know those dollar bins that Target conveniently stocks with teacher supplies around this time of year. I think I bought over 40 plastic magazine storage bins one year. Do you know how hard it is to find all the same colored ones at the Target dollar bins?? Again, my husband can't understand why they all have to be the same color.

You see the problem with those dollar bins is I buy things that I'm convinced I'll use at some point but in the end I just have a bankers box full of stuff I "forgot" I bought. I could probably open up my own dollar bin store with all the stuff I have purchased over the years.

So this year I won't be buying from the dollar bins. I may have to wear blinders to avoid being lured towards the dollar bins and if that doesn't work I'll just run as fast as I can out the door.

Oh, did I mention I live within a half mile of a Target Greatland!?!?

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YearntoLearn said...

Me + Target = No will power

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