Saturday, July 16, 2011

For my "Germaphobic" friends!

One of the best ideas I ever implemented in my classroom was the boy/girl bathroom "pass". Being the Germaphobe that I am, when I came across this idea I started it right away. I have two large antibacterial gel bottles. One has a "boy" label the other has a "girl" label. I teach the students at the beginning of the year that if they need to use the bathroom they need to sign out and put the bottle on their desk. When they return from the bathroom they must squirt one pump of the antibacterial gel into their hands before returning the bottle to the counter.This has worked well with my third graders. I have one for the nurse too but that one never seemed to work out too well. Click here if you want a copy of the labels I made.


allisong said...


I love it! I might have to use this idea....


Teresa said...


This year I had my students put a big crayon box at their spot. It was a great visual, but I really like the idea of a big ol' hand sanitizer bottle! :)

Thanks for the idea!

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Anonymous said...

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