Friday, July 29, 2011

Busy as a bee today!

I've been working nonstop today trying to prepare for going back to work! The first thing I did was backup all my teaching files. It was LONG overdue! Not only did I back them up once, I did it twice (the OCD in me took over). The good news is if my computer crashes or Dropbox disappears, I know I have a backup!

I highly recommend Dropbox for online file storage and sharing. You get 2GB for free. If you want more you will have to pay for it.

I decided to make a behavior log notebook for my own sanity this year. I want one place to keep a record of any behavior problems that I can refer back to during conferences or other parent interactions. I usually send home a weekly log to parents. I decided it was a waste of paper to just do one week so I turned it into a monthly log. I will still send it home weekly but I will use the same paper for a whole month.I will also keep a copy of the monthly log in the behavior log notebook.

Thank you fellow teacher bloggers for inspiring me to redevelop my parent communication log! 

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